Products & Services


Konn3ct is technically a suite of web-conferencing solutions that cover a range of applications used for meetings, conferences, webinars, rooms, live-classroom, syndicate events, remote cinema etc.

Mobile App Development

The possibilities of what an app can do is not limited with our dynamic competence with frameworks and technologies.

IT Platform Development

We possess the expertise in building platform business by providing the infrastructure that aggregates service providers, producers, consumers, middle-agents, end-users, regulators and supporting entities to transact without friction for value creation.

IT Consulting & Digital Transformation

We are a leader in hand-holding of organisations across the digital divide through our acquired technologies and experience in process & technology migration and integration.


We digitalization comes the risk of cyber attacks. We offer end-to-end security assessment, reporting and remediation across infrastructure, application and devices.

Infrastructure Hosting

We offer world-class cloud-hosting service that satisfies the operational excellence, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization and security requirements of cloud architecture.